Monday, July 23, 2012

Making Money Online

So I recently started using Swagbucks because I was recommended by a friend. At first I thought it was kind-of cool but not really worth my time, and then I just started using them to make google searches. After a few weeks I earned my first $5 amazon gift card. I really thought that this was cool because I just earned $5 from doing what I always do.  Then I started to try harder by watching videos and doing more searches...this spiced things up for me. I have earned over $50 since May! And $30 of that just this month.  Some friends who I have referred have asked, so here is how.

1. Be awesome!
2. Sign up (Click)
3.  Stop using google for searches and just use this.
4. Print and use coupons! They take a few weeks but you do earn credit (and save money).
5. Keep your home screen clean, and if there is a video that says "watch this for 2 (or 1) points, watch it...10 times!
Bonus: Don't waste your time on surveys. If you add a facebook app you get points, and you can go onto facebook and delete the app 2 seconds after. Swagbucks tv is slow, but you do continually earn points. In special offers there are bonus videos that can earn you a point per click. Daily do the NOSO, just a bunch of clicking skip. Daily do the 1 point survey. And points from searches are random.

Good luck and enjoy some extra cash!