Thursday, December 17, 2009


I would imagine that for most people, advertisements simply don't work. We usually pick a product because we tried it somewhere else and liked it or a friend recommended it and so we start to use it. I, on the other hand, take advertisements very seriously...specifically the pictures.

Honestly: Which of these cats look happier?


See, some of these things are important to consider. For instance toilet paper, would you rather use angel soft and have a baby determine what kind of tp you should use or would you rather have quilted northern and have your grandma decide. I trust my grandma far more than a baby.

These are some things that you should consider the next time you go shopping.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bathrooms and Snow Cones

Here's a little insight into my life:

I constantly think about how to make things better then they already are, to improve every situation or company in some way. For instance, the other day I used the restroom at a local coffee shop. While in there I thought about how they should put some time into making the bathroom better. For starters they could bring some speaker wire and splice the music from the lobby into the bathroom to create a better atmosphere. They could also ask one of the local art schools to do a mural or paint the door in a creative way. This could also get them a few more customers. While I wash my hands I think about how they could put a better sink in there, put some soft rocks into the bottom of the sink and buy some nicer soap. I also thought about how they could have a local photography group or school do some local shots and place them around the place.

While at the snowcone barn I think about how there are 3 snowcone places in town and that this one needs something that makes them unique to the other ones. They could possibly go to some garage sales and get some nicer chairs. They could go mobile and hit up ball games and local events around town. I pondered the idea of having special days where everything was half off or certain flavor combinations were special.

At the time these thoughts and ideas seem very important, but then i remember that sadly, I don't rule the world and that sometimes bathrooms and snowcone places don't have to be perfect.


So I realized today after a lot of confusion that I have two blogger uses just coreyrayjones as the username while the other one is NOW THAT IS CONFUSING! sorry to anyone that finds the other, because I never blog, and will especially never blog on that other account... yikes

Now that I have this figured out, I would like to post semi often, so enjoy.