Friday, May 7, 2010

Quirky College Life

At MACU there are a lot of little things that in another location would seem VERY peculiar...

Someone sneezes 7 times and you get to spot whatever you're doing and enjoy some free time.

If a bell rings, everyone stops what they are doing and then sings as if they were intoxicated.

Walking on the grass is done in fear of ones life.

A break in one of the most busy times of the year for a day outside with friends.

Food cannot be "to go" and outside food is considered contaminated.

Everyone knowing the words to "wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus."

Every student skipping class for a day to hang out, and that being okay.

Seeing people dressed up like colonial's and remembering that it must be constitution week.

Being able to say that you have eaten with every professor and staff member.

And not just knowing everyone's names but actually knowing them as an individual.

While MACU is a different kind of culture, I really have grown to appreciate its quirkiness.