Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Celebrate God

I love my church! A few weeks ago, Mike Wall preached a sermon about titled "We Will Run!" During the sermon we were challenged as a church to run the ball! Here is the highlight video that was compiled for the sermon about great things happening at Southern Hills Christian Church! Let's celebrate that God allows us to be a part of this!

Carry the light into a dark world!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Berry Blast Theme Park Highlights

Today we concluded our All Stars series on the Fruit of the Spirit. This was a fun series that had a lot of fruit :)

Here were some of my highlights:
1. Decorating and Preparing the series with the our Summer Interns.

2. Each week I dressed up as a different character to teach piratical application to the fruit we were learning. I especially loved the week when Nicole didn't know my costume and I came out dressed in her least favorite glasses! Surprise! 

3. I heard a parent talk about how her son was having a minor meltdown and she asked, "Now what did you learn about this week in All Stars." His reply, "Peace...and I need to remember that God is always with me." I love it when our lessons help families grow together!

4. Sharing with "Big Church" what an All Stars service looks like and then having a few new teammates join our group of volunteers!

5. Today's lesson on how Jesus was the best example of love and having a ton of first time guests hear the gospel message of salvation!