Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coffee - The Greatest Addiction Ever

For me, everyday begins with a cup of coffee.  I enjoy the flavor, the energy, the smell, and the feel of a cup of coffee in my hand.  If I get into office conversation, I find that I drink more.  And if my day finds time, I'll end up at a coffee shop reading with my wifey.  I have very specific coffee favorites such as Ethiopia Yirga Chefe!  Bold, Strong, Coffee!  Espresso is also a preferred taste of mine but it costs so much for such a little cup, so I stick to the bold cup of joe.  Since moving to Carrollton, I have used the same coffee mug everyday.  It is stained brown and has only been washed a handful of times, but I believe that it gives it character!  As I sip on my freshly brewed coffee for today, I encourage you to grav a mug and enjoy this video as you sip on God's gift.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This past week I served in Nicaragua with Southern Hills Christian Church and the Mustard Seed Mission.  Here are my highlights:

  • Traveling late into the night and getting to know our team better through Nicole's favorite questions.
  • Seeing the beauty of the Perkins property.
  • Mixing concrete with Scott and moving the ladder for Nicole.
  • Playing soccer and volleyball with the kids.
  • Teaching VBS about how Noah sawed, and chopped, and he didn't stop.  And how Daniel obeyed God even though there were hungry lions and a mean king.
  • Yelling Gloria Dios!
  • Joy filled kids who have never heard Sunday school lesson stories and seeing them learn it for the first time!
  • Seeing the kids love my wife and her blue hair.
  • Mud/River "roads"
  • Talking with Michael on the lounge.
  • Playing soccer with Yader.
  • The huge toads and scorpion.
  • Serving the community a meal as they watched the Jesus film.
  • Zip Linning and the boat cruze with Lucy.
  • Crazy luggage people hitting the plane and resting in Fort Lauderdale for the day.
  • Attempting to write a letter in Spanish and thinking of those far away.
Thank you for your many prayers, for your support, and for your love.  If you would still like to help with our expenses, that would be amazing.  Or if you want to join our golf tournament on June 20th facebook me!

For more photos click here,

Many great memories and totally glad to be a part of Nicaragua!