Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogging and Networking

I have to start with a confession. I follow and read 77 different blogs...

I love information, I love hearing the inner thoughts of others, I love watching people get hurt (failblog ;), and generally I love people...and so I read their blog posts.

I just finished reading the chapter on networking in Ryan Frank's new book 9 things they didn't teach me in college about children's ministry. And came to the conclusion that I need to keep up with my blog better. I would like help others in the ministry and write about things that I'm working through. I want parents in my ministry at SHCC to know me better, beyond the 30 second interaction we have on Sunday morning at pick up and drop of of their children. And I want to gain some clarity in thought through writing things out.

So anyways, I'll probably need to cut back on the blogs that I read, and find more time to write my own. So read my blog and make it worth it ;)

My brief thoughts for the week, or at least what I wrote on my whiteboard:
Who did I connect with this week?
Who did I encourage?
With whom did I share creative ideas?
Who did I share Jesus with?