Sunday, August 12, 2012

Berry Blast Theme Park Highlights

Today we concluded our All Stars series on the Fruit of the Spirit. This was a fun series that had a lot of fruit :)

Here were some of my highlights:
1. Decorating and Preparing the series with the our Summer Interns.

2. Each week I dressed up as a different character to teach piratical application to the fruit we were learning. I especially loved the week when Nicole didn't know my costume and I came out dressed in her least favorite glasses! Surprise! 

3. I heard a parent talk about how her son was having a minor meltdown and she asked, "Now what did you learn about this week in All Stars." His reply, "Peace...and I need to remember that God is always with me." I love it when our lessons help families grow together!

4. Sharing with "Big Church" what an All Stars service looks like and then having a few new teammates join our group of volunteers!

5. Today's lesson on how Jesus was the best example of love and having a ton of first time guests hear the gospel message of salvation!

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