Monday, January 24, 2011

An Update on Life

We moved to Carrollton Georgia!

New town, new ministry, new home, new computer, and new coffee maker ;)

At the beginning of the year, Nicole and I moved away from everyone and everything we are familiar with. Why? Because we really felt God's call to not just the ministry, but to a specific ministry in Western Georgia.

I am now the Children's Pastor at Southern Hills Christian Church and have been loving every minute of it! The transition has been smooth, meeting new people exciting, and getting back into the ministry fun. It has been exciting to see how God has prepared us for this ministry, at this specific time, and I am stocked to see what God has in store for our future!

It is crazy thinking about how God completely shut one door...about how upset this made us...and about how this whole plan fit together into such a bigger plan! Very exciting!

Anyways, Nicole mentioned that it had been a while...and while I'm an avid blog reader, I would like to post here's an update.

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