Monday, December 6, 2010

Break In

Last night while Nicole and I went out to dinner someone attempted to break into our house. They were not successful, but they did cause some damage.

In thinking about this event I had three main thoughts:

1.) Whoever did this was basically the opposite of Santa Clause. They attempted to break in and steal.

2.) The only thing of "value" that I would have been upset with them stealing, had they been successful, was my jar our quarters (for more info on the quarters check out my wifeys post

3.) There is a LOT of risk involved in breaking into a house and this person must have been very desperate. They had a very small timeframe, with us leaving for dinner and coming back soon after and so what happens if the person returns? What happens if there is someone inside still...who has a gun? What if you break into a house like mine where there is nothing of value? What if someone sees you break in? And then if you do get something of value, what do you do with it? To me it doesn't seem worth the would be far better off knocking on my door and asking for money...

Anyways, we are safe and have filed a police report. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject because it's been on my mind.

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