Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I just finished reading Children's Ministry Leadership by Jim Wideman. In the section on "Your Roles, Priorities, and Goals" he goes through a process of determining what is truly important to your life and leadership. Here is my work in progress:

I will be a man of God in every part of my life.
I will love and be in the Word of God.
I will be a godly husband and an example to others through my marriage.
I will be an able minister and love the people of God seeing them through the eyes of Christ.
I will be a leader's leader in word and example.
I will lead and pastor a local church's children's ministry.
I will help children in my care to see the love of Christ and to fulfill the calling on their lives.
I will be healthy and in good physical condition.
I will be a soul winner.
I will train those in my ministry to be soul winners.
I will recruit, train, and maintain a teaching staff.
I will train and encourage myself through books, resources, and mentorship.
I will train and encourage the next generation of youth workers who can and will become better leaders than I am.

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