Monday, May 16, 2011

Planning A Luau

On Friday, Southern Hills Christian Church held a banquet for the 5th graders who will be moving from All Stars to the Fusion Ministry. Over the past couple of week, a lot has gone into planning this banquet and so I thought it would be fun to backtrack some. So starting with now and going to the beginning:

Close out expenses for this year.
Evaluation and planning for next year.
Thank you's.
Clean up.
Give out gifts.
Shannon speak.
Coaches speak.
Enjoy the event.
Greet guests.
Start music and slides.
Final preparations.
Final food.
Finalize music.
Finalize slide show.
Print name plates for bibles.
Double check spelling of names.
Clean up mess from decoration.
Decorate the room and tables.
Table clothes and layout.
Purchase game equipment.
Create and Print tshirt vouchers.
Purchase gift for Abby.
Clean off the stage.
Hook up computer/sound/lights.
Set up the room with tables and chairs.
Create alphabetical list of kids.
Finalize RSVP's and pictures.
Get bibles from Shannon.
Give bibles to Shannon.
Write in gift bibles.
Purchase music.
Create slide show.
Get prizes for the games.
Give Shannon room layout sheet.
Purchase last decorations.
Determine layout of the room.
Finalize food.
Give numbers to Susan.
Finalize number estimates.
Send followup emails.
Call and email for RSVP's.
Finalize coaches who will attend.
Create RSVP database.
Announcement in connect.
Graphic and info to Andrew.
Remind kids and parents with reminder cards.
Order Bibles.
Think of prizes for the games.
Order decorations and bonus food stuff.
Inform coaches.
Meet with Susan about food.
Announce the event.
Put event in bulletin.
Permission for bible purchase.
Bible research.
Send out information and RSVP's.
Proofing, printing, mailing.
Create reminder cards.
Create RSVP cards.
Create event invitations.
Graphics and look for event.
Create list of 5th grade prospects.
Create schedule for event.
Meet with Susan about food.
Ask for decoration equipment.
Talk with CM team, Shannon, and Susan about ideas.
Food Ideas.
Decoration Ideas.
Tentative Schedule.
Game Ideas.
Meet with CM staff for ideas.
Determine the theme for the event.
Reserve the facility.
Give dates for food and to other staff.
Pray about the event/purpose/goals/ideas.
Talk with Shannon about the event in past, event now, and purpose.
Talk with CM staff about the event in past, event now, and purpose.

Set Budget.
Set Date.
Finalize Event.

Well, I'm sure that I'm missing something, but this is a look at what goes into planning an event. While it may seem like a lot of work, it is definitely worth every second of it!

Here are some pics/graphics and stuff:

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