Monday, May 9, 2011

Screen It

This weekend I went with Nicole to watch Thor. I'm a geek and really like comic book style movies and so I was very excited. Overall it was a great movie, but one thought that I had throughout a lot of the movie was, "Why are there so many young kids here?" The movie wasn't one of those "bad" movies, but it is about War and there is significan violence therefore is rated pg-13 (curious why? see here).

Anyway, this got me thinking about our rating system for movies and games. The Motion Picture Association of America sets the rating for movies. This is a system set up in America. And you may have noticed that America is not the most pure system. And so when this system even says that you should not take your kids and you do...there seems to be a problem there.

Also, in talking the kids, even church kids, most of their favorite video games are Rated Mature...which means you need to be 17 to why let them play?

Anyways, just a few thoughts from my weekend and my I just encourage you to think twice and check out a site like before bringing the kids along.

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