Thursday, August 26, 2010

Batman - The Long Halloween

Today I borrowed a book from Buddy, Batman The Long Halloween. And I remembered why I really like reading graphic novels. In about 2 hours, I read almost 400 pages. I feel like a superhero when I read that fast.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the book. Overall really good, but there was one section that I appreciated more than the rest. Bruce and Batman are working together and take down a warehouse full of Falcone's money:

The conversation goes like this:
Dent: oh boy. you know...if we were two other a room full of untraceable cash...
Batman: We're not.
Dent: yeah. But I was just thinking how easy--
Batman: Don't
Dent: Okay then.

I like this because it shows character. Batman does what is right, even when no one will know. He is a man of integrity. This is one of the many reason I like batman!

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