Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coffee Shop

One day my wife and I want to own a coffee shop. We believe that this can be a fun and exciting way to do ministry. We will be very purposeful in the people we higher, events we hold, in the way we decorate and arrange things, and pretty much everything. We do not want this to be the "christian getaway" but rather more like the gorilla lovers tactics and catch people by surprise. So, this is what I think about on a regular basis. Someday's I find it motivation to get up. I get out of bed and think, "Today, I'll go to muddies and think about owning a place like this." And whenever we travel, which is about once a month, I try and find a neat local coffee shop to take notes on.

Here's our last coffee shop visit:
Double D's Coffee Asheville NC

I have a memo in my phone where I write down ideas dealing with our future coffee shop, here are a few:

Market: Coffee drinkers, people who like art, college students, old people, business people, people who walk their dogs, chess players. Then I have ways written out to pull all these types of people in: creating a walking route around the city where x coffee shop is a stop, free wifi, music nights, displaying and selling local art, college discount nights with music, locals or regulars discounts.

While these may seem like simple ideas, they are much more vast and broken down into much greater detail in my head.

I also have been thinking about ways to partner with churches, encourage discipleship, evangelize, and connect with dignitaries/important people.

Anyways, this is just something I think about on a regular basis and so I wanted to share it. If you would like to share back, what would be a good name for this future coffee shop?

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